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Developer’s Company

The application is created by Video-Book World studio for Intra Communications Inc.

Video Book World

Development Company

The IntraCommunications, Inc.® (ICI) company has been successfully working at the media-market of CIS and Baltic countries over fifteen years. The main areas of ICI activity are:

  • distribution of high-quality television products;
  • film and TV-series production;
  • dubbing-in.

The Video-Book World studio has been developing applications for iOS and Android since 2011. The main area of its activity is leisure multimedia applications for iPads.

Working on «Star City Walk»

Broad experience in development of programs for mobile devices and video of different kind, expertise and attention to details allow us to create handy and interesting applications:

  • he route and descriptions are made by a professional tour guide who has been working with Russian-speaking and foreign tourists for 15 years. Tour guide Tatyana Arsenyeva says:
    “I wanted to tell the most important information without overloading it with dates and names. I wanted to mention the facts unknown even to many residents of St. Petersburg. I hope you will remember the places described here.”
  • the video is shot by an experienced team specially for this application. Alexander Belov, the head of the shooting team, says:
    “We waited till spring comes into the city, lawns grow green and the buildings and parks are ‘renewed’ for the City’s Day. We had to shoot in 6:00 a.m. when there are no cars and people in the streets. I mean weekends, as at weekdays there are already a lot of cars in 6:00 in the morning. Let’s exclude public holidays when people stay out of doors until the morning and thus we had just several days for shooting… to say nothing about the weather: in Petersburg it can start raining in any moment.”
  • Our programmers paid special attention to fast operation of the application on all devices: beginning from low-capacity iPods to iPads 3 with HD screens. And the innovative krpano technology used for spherical panoramas of the virtual tour allows to fully enjoy the cityscapes without leaving your home.
  • interface and graphic designers took care to make your use of all the functions of the application easy and pleasant.

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Star City Walk

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Star City Walk

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