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Virtual guide. Exploring St Petersburg: A Stroll with Tchaikovsky. Star City Walk

Visit the city on Neva River banks without leaving your home. Find 360 degree panoramas and educational video. Or walk down the offered route and learn many interesting things.

Start from Admiralteyskaya metro station and in an hour and a half you’ll visit the most important places of the city historical center. Walk down from Tchaikovsky’s house, cross St. Isaac Square, pass The Bronze Horseman and Admiralty, cross the Palace Square and reach Church of Our Saviour on the Blood (or Spas-na-Krovi). And getting hungry you can finish you walk tour at Nevsky Prospect near Stroganov Palace; the famous beef Stroganoff was named after a member of Stroganovs family. Near this place there is «Wolf and Beranger Confectionery» where Tchaikovsky liked to have a cup of coffee.

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Virtual guide. Exploring St. Petersburg: A Stroll with Dostoevsky. Star City Walk

Virtual guide: exploring St Petersburg. You will see 9 squares situated in the centre of the city and know the most interesting things about 30 sights of Petersburg. Detailed descriptions included into interactive panoramas. Videos accompanied with fascinating off-screen commentary in English.

The route includes places associated with life of Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoevsky. It begins at Vladimirskaya Square near writer’s apartment. Then we pass by the crossroad called Five Corners and reach Fontanka River. These places are filled with atmosphere of Dostoevsky’s works, where the narrow streets and granite embankments are the scenery for the drama of everyday life. Here, at this very place, cross Rossi Street, another Petersburg begins; it is the ceremonial and joyous Petersburg. Ostrovskogo Square, Manezhnaya Square, pass the Engineer's Castle, to Iskusstv Square and Nevsky Avenue. Here in the very centre of the city you can see everything that Russian culture gave to the world during the last three centuries.

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Virtual tour. St. Petersburg with Rasputin. Star City Walk.

The Star City Walk is a virtual tour guide for a stroll through the city. The route will take you to the city’s most beautiful sights! There are video-clips throughout, with voiceover accompaniment. All the information is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

During the tour, you will see St. Petersburg’s classic architectural masterpieces. You’ll learn a whole host of facts and historical information.

Grigory Rasputin was a family friend of the last Russian Tsar; a mystical and alluring individual. But was he a peasant healer, or a charlatan with a tragic fate?

Our journey starts from Sennaya Ploshchad (literally ‘Hay Square’, or ‘Haymarket’). Once, this square stood on the outskirts of the city. Hay could be bought cheaply here (whence the name), but it was also a dangerous place where it was easy to lose one’s life. The Square is home to the last surviving guardhouse in the city. 150 years ago, in front of the entrance, serfs were publicly flogged.

The hustle and bustle of Sadovaya Street is replaced by the tranquillity of Yusupov Gardens. The Gardens are famous as the home to the Central Museum of Railway Transport and also as the place where the first international figure-skating contest was held. The Gardens’ winding alleys and pond are a perfect place to relax. The Yusupovs are not only known in history for creating this calming place – a descendent of the family was ultimately fated to become Rasputin’s killer.

As we walk further along Sadovaya Street, we come to the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral. This important work of architecture stands out from the yellow-grey apartment buildings that surround it with its brash Russian baroque style. The Cathedral stands at the point where three waterways meet: the Fontanka River, Griboedov Canal, and Kryukov Canal.

Let’s walk out into Teatralnaya Ploshchad, or Theatre Square. The Square is worthy of its name: it is home to the Mariinsky Theatre and the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

The Moika Embankment leads to Yusupov Palace, a yellow building with six white columns. Felix Yusupov, heir to the great dynasty, organized a plot in the basement of the palace to kill the favourite of the Imperial family, Grigory Rasputin.

Our stroll comes to an end on Siny Most, or Blue Bridge. This record-breaking bridge is almost 100 metres wide. In front of the bridge, there is a tidal gauge showing the water levels during various floods. This place is also a symbolic monument. The bridge demonstrates the power of engineering and humankind’s capabilities. The high-water lines carved into the granite, however, serve as a reminder of humanity’s powerlessness in the face of nature.

At all seven stops on our route, you will find video-stories and textual descriptions of places of interest. Use the photo-slider to advance to the next stop. Enjoy your stroll!

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